Why you Should not Leave Your Dog while it is Pooping

When taking your dog for a walk, there will always be times that it will have the call of nature or let dirt out of its body. And sometimes it seems that it is scared that it will lose sight of you as it does it. In this instance, you shouldn’t leave them for many reasons.

Give them assurance that you won’t leave their side when they are doing it. But why is it important not to leave your dog while it is pooping? Here are some reasons on why it is important to not leave them in this instance.

They are Helpless at this time

At this time, dogs can’t do anything aside from what they are doing. It likes a child on the road not knowing what to do and there are vehicles being driven on the demented way. When you leave a child alone it is helpless and doesn’t know what to do.

You have to watch over the child and keep him or her out of the road. And so does our dogs it needs our assurance that we will be watching it when he is pooping because he can’t do anything at this time. It’s either your watch from far away or you can be just by its side. As long as you guarantee your dog that you won’t leave him. This way he can finish what it is doing and return to walking with you.

If There are Dogs that want to Fight your Dog He can’t Defend Himself

This is one of the things why the dog is helpless during pooping. He can’t do anything aside from what he is doing the reason he can’t protect himself from harm. If there would be other animals or other dogs that will attack them they will be helpless that is why you need to watch over them and keep animals or dogs away from them when they are letting our dirt from their bodies.

Protect them from Weather and other Calamities

At this reason, sometimes there would be rain or lightning or even calamities such as an earthquake. You have to protect your dogs from these things. Dogs are scared of the sound of rain since it’s really noisy and they are also afraid of thunder and lightning because of the sound as well as the bright light.

Dogs can also know when there is an earthquake that will strike the area. But because it is pooping, it can’t go anywhere. That is why you have to keep the place where your dog is stable and safe. This way he can do whatever he is doing and finish it.

You can do anything to keep your dog safe whenever it is pooping or is having the call of nature. This way you can strengthen your bond as well as it will be the cause of your dog giving you his full trust. Now you know why you should never leave your dog while it is pooping.