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  • The Rise of Mexico’s Political Violence

    The Rise of Mexico’s Political Violence Mexico has had its fair share of political violence which has increased since September 2017 when the country launched its electoral campaign. There are thousands of political posts that are obtainable come Jul 1, 2018, and this has increased violence whereby 112 politicians have…

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  • The hair colors that are fashionable this 2018

    The dyes for the hair are the absolute protagonists, there are daring tones, others more discreet If you are thinking of a change of look maybe you like to know what are the trends for this 2018. It is dyes and techniques that will give your hair a different and…

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  • What we will look for outside of Earth this 2018

    xoplanets expectations will increase, even after a year as intense as it was in 2017 on this subject. First, during the month of March, the TESS space telescope will be launched by NASA, from the United States. Then, at the end of the year, CHEOPS will be launched by ESA,…

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