The Rise of Mexico’s Political Violence

The Rise of Mexico’s Political Violence

Mexico has had its fair share of political violence which has increased since September 2017 when the country launched its electoral campaign. There are thousands of political posts that are obtainable come Jul 1, 2018, and this has increased violence whereby 112 politicians have been killed in less than eight months.

Deaths Recorded

So far, 112 politicians have lost their lives with the highest number being from the state of Guerrero. The state has lost about 23 candidates while the PRI (The Institutional Revolutionary Party) is the party that has lost most candidates. PRI has lost a total of 39 candidates.

PRD (The Party of the Democratic Revolution) has lost 18 candidates while PAN (The National Action Party) has lost 13 candidates. The highest rate of political murder has taken place in 22 states.

The Killing of Federal Level Candidate


In the latest killings, Fernando Puron, a congressional candidate affiliated to the Institutional Revolutionary Party was killed. It is unfortunate that at the time of the killing, the politician was from a debate where he had said that fighting crime was his priority if he won the election. He said that crime should be faced head on but this was not to be. A gunman shot him in the head minutes after the debate killing him instantly.


His Party’s Demand

After confirming that Puron was shot dead, his party is demanding justice. According to their statement, they need clear information on what happened, perpetrators brought to book and an appropriate punishment is given.

The incident took place on Friday but by Saturday no arrests had been made despite there been a video clip showing the shooting.

His Member Party Suspends Her Campaign

Sonia Villarreal, a member of Puron’s party and the current mayor of Piedras Negras said that she would be suspending her campaigns after his death. She was devastated by the killing saying that she would have to just concentrate on her current job.

A day earlier, she confirmed that she had been threatened but she did not say where the threats came from.

As political violence in the country continues, Mexico has been fighting another giant. Drug-related crimes have been a challenge for the country where over 25,000 killings were reported in the year 2017.

During the campaigns, politicians have been promising to help curb drug cartels but the fight has not been a success. Politicians are being threatened daily as the election cycle continues.