Man Convicted For Shoving Another onto Train Tracks

On April 27, Tobias French was waiting to get on to the Tube when he was suddenly shoved by a man towards the tracks. He was lucky that he kept his balance thus he did not fall as the train came towards him. Even though Mr. French did not fall, the man who was identified as Crossley tried to push him again before the attacker could get on the train.

The man aged 46 seemed to have a mission and he was determined to complete it. He alighted at Marble Arch where he saw a target. It is not clear what he was looking for but it is said that he choose his victims randomly. It is here that he attacked sir Robert Malpas, former Eurotunnel boss.

Mr. Malpas Suffered Head and Pelvis Injuries

Mr Malpas who is aged 91 was not as lucky as he fell on the tracks before Riyad El Hussain, a teacher saved him. This was recorded on CCTV footage. It was unfortunate that he hit the rails with his head resulting to a wound that had to be stitched and a fractured pelvis.

If Malpas was not saved in a minute, he would have been killed by the oncoming train. Riyad was not spared either because when he touched the rail which is electrified, he got burns on his hand.

Paul Crossley Denies the Charges

Mr. Crossley, a homeless man was sued for attempted murder but he denied the charges. He told the judge that as a teenager, he was diagnosed with mental illness known as paranoid schizophrenia of which he has been receiving treatment. Asked how he arrived at his victims, he said that he chose them randomly and he had no intentions to kill them.

He Was Paranoid

Explaining to the court what happened, Crossley said that when he was committing the crime, he was feeling paranoid as a result of crack cocaine a day earlier after which he did not sleep well. With the panic attacks, he had meant to just push his victims to the floor but it turned out it was on the train tracks.

His Conviction

During the ruling, Mr. Crossley pleaded guilty not to attempted murder, but to a charge of wounding Mr. Malpas. However, this was not accepted by the prosecution. The full medical reports will have to be provided before the sentencing.