Political Temperatures Continue to Rise in Venezuela

Since Venezuelan’s opposition leader Juad Guaido declared himself as the interim president of the country, there has been mixed reactions. Some international leaders have declared their support for him while at the same time calling for President Nicolas Maduro to step down. Nevertheless, he has been defiant even with the street protests that took place on 2nd Feb 2019.

Guaido Called for Peaceful Demonstrations

Being the head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Guaido said that they want to send a ‘clear message’’. He called for peaceful demonstrations across the streets of Caracas thanking the European parliament and ensuring that humanitarian aid gets into the country. He said that the aid will be amassed in Colombia, Cucuta and Brazil.

Maduro Wants Dialogue

Maduro on the other hand is calling for dialogue saying the country cannot be under dictatorship. He is said to have driven the country into an economic turmoil which has seen a massive lack of medicine and food. Saying that he is still the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, he said that the defense of the country needed to be strengthened in order to protect the ‘’’sacred motherland’.

He has also defied the calls for early presidential elections. During the demonstrations over the weekend, an ambassador representing the country and a top military official are said to have defected from the ruling party.

Military Defections

The political uncertainty of Venezuela has led to various influential figures in the military to defect. Col. Jose Luis Silva Silva who is a military attaché in Washington of Venezuela defected earlier in the week followed by Gen. Esteban Yanez Rodriguez who is the leader of air force strategic planning. He actually said that a huge number of the armed forces do not support Maduro and urged his fellow men to stand with the people of Venezuela.

International recognition

After Guaido declared himself as the interim president, several international stakeholders have recognized him. The U.S, several Latin American countries and the European Parliament have declared their support. On the other hand, Maduro is still being supported by countries such as Russia, China and Turkey while Uruguay and Mexico are calling for talks between the two leaders.

The economic turmoil of Venezuela has angered many who are opposing the rule of Maduro. This was once one of the wealthiest oil nation’s in the world but this has since changed and this is being blamed on the dictatorship of Maduro. The president has had hope to continue ruling the country considering that in January 2019, he started a six-year term.