Heard of Inemuri? It’s The Japanese Art of Sleeping

Japan is known as one of the most hardworking countries in the world. It is a nation that has witnessed immense progress consistently throughout the years. They have introduced a number of innovative solutions to the world. The country is also home to a large number of leading brands worldwide.

Inemuri, however, is one thing most people don’t know about Japan. Find out what it really means!

Inemuri simply means, sleeping on the job. People are always free to sleep in Japan.

Sleeping during the day is usually seen as a sign of laziness. People are always told to be active during the day! A child who always dozes off during school is labeled as ‘lethargic’. Individuals who constantly fall asleep during work are known to be ‘unproductive’.

This situation is quite different in Japan. Instead of looking down on people for sleeping while doing their jobs, inemuri encourages them to do just that.

You can see inemuri in action if you ever visit Japan.

If you happen to visit Japan, this is something that you should look out for. You will see a significant number of people sleeping on the train, bus, at work and even on the road. This isn’t considered as an unusual sight in the country.

However, if you were to see this in the UK or USA, there will be a number of questions raised.

Why is sleeping encouraged? Is there a valid reason behind it?

The Japanese pride themselves as the people who never sleep. This is a reputation that the whole world accepts. The Japanese work ethic is a highly disciplined one. Hard work is built into their culture and the whole country constantly works to meet their requirements. Japan is probably one of the most productive nations in the world.

This is exactly why sleep is encouraged in the country. It says that as long as you don’t cause any disturbance or displeasure to anyone else, that sleeping is perfectly okay. People who are seen napping in the middle of the day are recognized as hardworking people. The culture believes that hard work deserves to be appreciated with the freedom to sleep. At the same time, that sleeping and resting your mind allows you to be more productive.

Will promoting inemuri be a good idea in other parts of the world? – Probably not.

It is very unlikely that inemuri will function as a practical solution in other parts of the world. Chances are that people won’t understand its true meaning or its purpose. Instead, they will use it as an excuse to sneak in a small nap during work.

However, it seems that the concept of a “power nap” is quite similar to the idea of inemuri. World-renowned brands such as Google design their workspaces in a way that they allow power naps. This is a strategy that is said to increase productivity. Therefore, the two are pretty close in meaning. So maybe, the world is actually embracing inemuri in a different way.

If you’ve ever worried about always falling asleep in the middle of work, you may feel better after today! But for now best to keep your sleeping for at home in bed.