The hair colors that are fashionable this 2018

The dyes for the hair are the absolute protagonists, there are daring tones, others more discreet

If you are thinking of a change of look maybe you like to know what are the trends for this 2018. It is dyes and techniques that will give your hair a different and very original touch.

Take note and go with your favorite stylist to tell you which is the most appropriate color according to your skin tone.

Platinum blond hair

This 2018 will be very fashionable the blond platinum polar. It is a white platinum blond, although sometimes it turns gray. This type of tone favors women who have olive skin. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have fallen surrendered to this trend. This type of color needs a lot of hydration and care. Women with very fine or very long hair should abstain. The blond polar platinum is worn with a little root, but always with a very careful effect.

Cream Soda

It is a tone that mixes tan and blond but pulling more blonde. This coloration combines beige, brown tones with warmer golden touches. In addition, it easily adapts to blondes and brunettes. The soda cream brings light and shines to the face thanks to the blonde tone because it is an ideal color for those who want to frame their face.

The balayage

The wicks in golden color, blond ash, honey or very light brown. They are ideal techniques to get a hair with a natural color. Another technique that most women demand are the baby lights wicks. This type of wicks is more discreet and subtle.

Brown tones

Chocolate browns, hazelnut chestnuts, and bright chestnuts will be very fashionable this year. The reality is that the chestnut colors give a lot of play, so you can try different shades and nuances.

The redheads

There are a lot of reddish colors, but you should always opt for a tone that goes well with your skin type. Women with light brown or blonde hair are the ones that best withstand the reddish tints, since this way they damage their hair less with coloration. The most reddish tone for 2018 is coppery, but there is also room for more discreet red or orange reds.