Belgium’s Hottest Day Forces Two Drug Smugglers to Turn Themselves in

The last thing that any drug dealer wants is to have contacts with the authorities. However, at times the circumstances can force one to turn themselves in. This is the case of two men in Antwerp, Belgium who decided that the only way they could save themselves is to call the authorities despite being in possession of cocaine.

Locked in a Shipping Container in Antwerp

The duo was to smuggle drugs to an undisclosed location when they called the police, although they said that they were there to offload them. The country experienced its hottest day and since the container they were in was locked from outside, there was no way they would have gone out. It became extremely hot that they could no longer take it and the only option they had was to call the police. They had been there for several hours and to add insult to the injury, it took the authorities two more hours to locate the container. 

Extreme Exhaustion

The temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius and it was worse inside the container. It is said to be the hottest day ever in the country. When the police arrived and broke into the cocaine-filled container, they found the two looking extremely exhausted. The employees at the port could be seen pouring water to the two just to help in cooling them off.


Despite turning themselves in, they had to be prosecuted. When they appeared in court, they said that they were not smuggling drugs, but they were there to remove them from the container. They are yet to be charged since investigations are ongoing. 

Guns Drawn

The involved authorities could not take any chance when they received the call. They were armed during the search and they approached the container with guns drawn as it could have been a trap.

Although this is the main gateway for drug smuggling in Western Europe, police were shocked to find that the container had cocaine in hundreds of kilos. This is not the first time that such a huge consignment is discovered at the port of Antwerp. The largest-ever volume of drugs confiscated by the authorities in Belgium was in 2018 from Latin America. It was estimated to be over 50 tonnes. As investigations continue, the two men aged 24 and 25 will remain in custody.